About roper made:

Hi! Well first of all thanks for stopping by our site. We feel super lucky that we get to do this & are forever grateful for all the awesome people who trust in us to capture their special events!

We are the Ropers.

All about good light & good company.

We're creatives from the Northwest, focusing on photography, cinema, and digital design.

We have been married for four years and so far it has been the best years of our lives and it keeps just getting better. Together we make a really good team- marriage, parenthood, ping-pong, running a business- you name it. We got it down. We are parents to a handsome little dude, smith michael. He is our pride and joy. He makes us better humans and our hearts will forever be full. (just typing this out I have the biggest smile on my face because he's just so dang amazing & I love to talk about him!!)


Kent: as told by his wifey

He is so kind and patient, truthfully I'm still waiting for it to rub off on me. His likes include, being Smith's dad, pizza, Oregon Football, guns, cars, holding Archie like a human, and making me laugh. He works full time at NWCU, creates cinemas, and still has time for the bachelor on Mondays with me!  Yeah, he is kinda amazing. Ok before I get to gushy, Ill pass the batton on...

Kayla: as told by her dude

She has one of the biggest hearts you will ever come across. You won't meet anyone sweeter, plus she laughs at my jokes, thats pretty sweet.  Kayla graduated from Oregon with a BS in Art and runs our day to day for Roper Made.  She loves coffee, Target, creating, going on adventures, traveling, Hawaii and sometimes pizza depending on home many times I've made her eat it in the week. Oh & she is the best mom to Smith michael, our little man.  Theres nothing this gorgeous girl can't do and i'm so honored to have her as my plus one.