The Ashcraft wedding || Daniel + Jenoa

I wanted to start out this post by saying thank you to all of our supporters and people who have shared our work with others, if it wasn't for word of mouth and the amazing people we work with, we wouldn't have been able to make friendships with all of our amazing clients this past summer. We feel lucky to work with such amazing people who are genuine, kind and madly in love. Thank you! Jenoa And I didn't know each other before hand but when we met up to talk about her wedding day, it felt like we had been friends forever, she is so sweet and was so in love with her soon to be Husband.

Their Wedding was at New Hope Ranch in Eugene, Oregon. A beautiful horse ranch on the outskirts of town, and a beautiful red barn was included, so I was pretty happy to be there.  

Enjoy these images from their special day. Ill have to admit, I really miss that sunshine.